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KIAD 061052Z 12004KT 5SM -RA BR SCT008 BKN014 OVC024 23/22 A3011 RMK AO2 RAB50 SLP193 P0000 T02280217 =
KIAD 060903Z 0609/0712 VRB03KT 6SM -SHRA OVC020 FM061100 VRB03KT 4SM SHRA OVC010 FM061300 13005KT P6SM OVC012 FM061700 14007KT P6SM BKN035 FM061900 15009KT 6SM TSRA BKN045CB FM062100 14010KT 3SM SHRA VCTS BKN045CB FM070100 13007KT P6SM OVC050 FM070500 18005KT P6SM BKN050 =
SR / SS: 23:35 / 14:17 UTC (Washington-Dulles 2015-07-06)

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